pi and cgi - first cgi fails

New to Xojo Web, raspberry pi, apache, perl, python but have got pi to serve simple pages with textarea, submit buttons, dropdowns etc, via cgi and python.
So moved up to Xojo Web with simple app. containing textfield and submit button, runs OK via localhost serving textfield and button.
I then did build as (LinuxOS) cgi and used Cyberduck(binary upload) to ftp into raspberry pi. Then set all permissions to 755 in /lib/cgi-bin on raspberry pi.
The Web app fails with a write permissions error to config.cfg but the perl cgi script runs to that point.
Xojo UserGuide-Development docs for CGI app. has a heads-up problem page(22) which I’ve worked through as best I can.
There is the possibility that the perl cgi file does not like to download in binary but it is running up to the “write permissions failure” line. I can change permission on config.cfg such that the perl cgi fails earlier at “read permissions failure”.

What have I missed? Any assistance gratefully received.

Is your pi an ARM processor? If so, you can quit right now. Xojo apps are x86-only at this time.

Ahhh…! So the cgi-ness stops at the binary file. Hello php and python! Thanks that’ll save on the angst!

Try setting permissions for config.cfg to 777.

[quote=76609:@Warren Hawker]Hello php and python! Thanks that’ll save on the angst![/quote]If you prefer strictly typed, compiled languages Pascal is an option, Lazarus works on the Raspberry Pi. Here’s a tutorial about creating a CGI application with Lazarus and the Free Pascal Compiler.

Pascal…that’s a long, long, time ago. Roots to branches, territory. I might just have a look. Cheers.