Phone # Formats - International

In the United States a phone number can be 7 or 10 … (I am purposely NOT wanting to deal with COUNTRY codes etc. just dialing WITHIN a given country)
nor do I care about the “Long Distance 1 prefix” in the US

  • aaa-ppp-nnnn
  • ppp-nnnn

What are common formats use in other countries?

Note : for those in the US… California is in the process of requiring a FULL 11 digit (1+area+phone) for ALL calls (even to your next door neighbor)… this may or may not start appearing in other states soon (basically the area code will no longer describe a specific geographic area)

In Mexico most cities are 3 digits for area and 7 digits for the phone. Larger cities like Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City are 2 digits for area code and 8 digits for the phone number.

and the fun part is if you write one that is 2-8 as 3-7 it will confuse the heck out of people who expect it to be 2-8 despite it being the same numbers

Exactly right Norman. Even on the phone, if you are from one city or the other, you say 555,555,55,55 and when the other person repeat the phone number they say 55,55,55,55,55.