Phantom List box when Pressing the Escape key?

Has anyone ever seen a phantom list popup when pressing the Escape key in a built app?

We’re QA testing an app updated from RealBasic 2011 to 2013R3.3. When we launch the app in Yosemite and press the escape key, the following mystery list appears:

Phantom listbox

Any chance you have a TextField on your window layout? perhaps at a negative top/left coordinate?

No TextFields. There are several labels on screen.

Can you reproduce this in a smaller project?

Joe, This shows the same list in Xojo 14R2 (my latest version at the moment):

  1. Place an textfield or textarea on an empty window
  2. Run the project.
  3. Press the escape key when the field is empty and the mystery list pops up.

Any way to defeat this behavior? Still not sure what Has focus in my window. I need to use Xojo 2013R3 for 10.6 compatibility.

The TextField and TextArea showing an autocomplete menu when you hit escape is default Cocoa behavior. If you open up a new document in TextEdit, you’ll notice this.

Ok. Is there an easy way to figure out what had focus on my window?

Look at the window’s Focus property.

…As a user since the CrossBasic betas, did I forget or have I never known about window.focus? Must’ve forgot… :wink:

Interestingly, the window’s focus is nil. I checked again with a timer that fires 5 seconds after Open and I’ve verified the behavior is in effect - window.focus is still Nil. However, setting focus to nil in a simple project doesn’t reveal the bug. Hmmm.

It’s clearly a cocoa autocomplete menu even though nothing in the window has the focus. Doing a Listbox.Setfocus on Open is a doable workaround for my issue.

Thanks a bunch for pointing me in the right direction Joe.

As far as I saw and if this is the behavior I reported sometimes ago, this comes with Yosemite.

I have an application created well before Yosemite and it shows the bug.

I feel it is like an auto-complete / auto replace thing implemented inside Yosemite.