Persistent timer for classic Framework

After teh new framework timer classes were released , I updated my free open source persistent timer subclasses awhile back to provide similar (as well as additional) functionality for the classic framework, but never mentioned it.

For any interested they are available here:

This project contains 2 timer subclasses . They allow you to create a start and forget timer that you don’t need to keep a reference, and you can do that without leaking memory.

One class provides the same functionality as Xojo.Core.CallLater and CancelCall. It brings the same functionality to the classic framework for use in desktop and Web apps. This allows you to maintain projects and add this functionality in old versions of Xojo and RealStudio in way that will make it simpler to eventually convert it to the new framework

The second timer subclass class also provides start and forget functionality but is more flexible and supports multi-shot (ModeMutiple) as well as single-shot timers. That flexibility means it can be instantiated and called in several different ways. For multi-shot timers you are responsible for shutting it down in the action event.

  • Karen