Persistence of vision...

Today I started to work again on code I had commenced back late 2002 and left in 2008. The Mac apps still worked fine, but a user of Windows 8.1 reported his app had bugs. So I needed to see what was going on, and if possible, generate new executables for Mac OS X as well.

Opening the ‘antique’ RB source in Xojo gave me a thrill : what was I to expect after all these years ? How many things would have changed ? Will I recognize my code ?

I switched framework for Mac OS X to Cocoa, and decided to give it a trial run… And it worked right away :slight_smile:

Same experience with Windows :slight_smile:

I did notice some cumbersome ways of doing things that are a question of coding style more than anything, that took me back in time. Aesthetics of windows may be revamped, noticeably the size. But that’s it.

I though I needed to share my utter satisfaction about RB/Xojo consistency and compatibility. Throughout platforms and systems evolution in time, it is a pretty impressive result to see code that old perform impeccably with the very latest version. Bravo Xojo !