Periodic crashes on Linux (FastCGI)

We have some WE Apps running on our Servers (Ubuntu-64-Bit, CentOS64, Debian64).
The Problem is, that we have periodic segfaults which crashes the apps without triggering any error, they just crash.
Sometimes it’s necessary to reboot the server to get the app back online.

We use FastCGI-Builds inside Apache 2 Web-Server. The Segfaults usually occur in or glibc.
Debugging gave us no conclusive answer why the apps are crashing.

Even a very simple Web-App with just one page and one Button is crashing when launching (about 2 out of 10 times) or during operation.

Anyone else has this problem? Could the cause be the ia32-libs for the 64-Bit Ubuntu?
We don’t think is a hardware or configuration problem, since it’s crashing on 5 Servers with different linux distro’s.

Any hint would be most appreciated, since we have no clue what’s going on.

best regards, Mike

Well since Fast-CGI isn’t a supported build configuration … who knows what issues that introduces

What version of the IDE are these apps built with?

Xojo 2013r3

Hm. Well, for what it’s worth, our Eddie’s Electronics demo is running on CentOS 6.4 64-Bit with the 32 Bit compatibility Libs running and I’ve seen no indication that it’s crashing like this.

Crashing 20% of the time seems to hardly be likely that it’s the web framework though. If it was, I’d expect it to crash every time in such a simple project.

So I must ask, have you tried running as simple cgi or as standalone? As Norman mentioned, we haven’t supported FastCGI in over two years.

Which version of apache ? (Version 2.4, Version 2.2 or Version 2.0)

Version 2.2

We literally don’t support FastCGI any longer, for technical reasons, so what you’re experiencing is very likely related.
Basically you’re running an unsupported configuration so the first thing we’ll ask you to do is use a supported one like CGI or standalone.

We now use standard CGI. The app crashes at least once a day with:

“segfault at 4 ip 00000000f7354496 sp 00000000ffc54ef4 error 4 in[f7244000+224000]”