perhaps a bit off topic - SAFEAREA

Does anybody use any “Xojo for iOS” code that accesses the “safearea” attributes (iPhoneX and above)?

I have a Swift program that is supposed to give me all the device parameters (size, safearea, scale) for any simulator device
this works great up to iOS11 (never tried 12)… But I just downloaded Xcode 11… and it says an iPhoneX has no safe area
where iOS11 does.

If this is a bug in the simulator or even in iOS13 itself… that might cause issues for Xojo as well

An iPhone11 (portrait) is 0,0,375,812 physical size
but the safe area is 0,44,375,734 to account for the notch and virtual home area

iOS13 reports safearea and physical size are the same at 0,0,375,812