Performance Server for high current users

Help,I need calculated consume by session, for no crash server, any user from forum,have experince with high currents users?

That depends on what your app will do.
Connect one session to your app and take a look at the servers processes ans see how much ram and CPU is used. Then connect another session and see how much it increases :slight_smile:

My application is 1 page,but 12 dialog box,and process only query bd, I need arrive 10k users current

Does not do much then. But do look at the process of your app and its CPU and ram usage.

My server is core 2 duo, 3ghz and 3 gigas RAM, is good for 10000 current users?

I do believe, correct me if I’m wrong here, your ram isn’t sufficient.
The only way to know is if you check how much ram usage each new session is using as I’ve said above :slight_smile:
Are you planing on a stand alone build or cgi? That may differ the requirements.

You would want to look into clustering with a load balancer at 10,000 simultaneous users.
A desktop “server” is not going to be reliable and the specs you quote might be OK for 100 users but who knows.
Its kinda equivalent to saying “how hot will my engine be after I go around the block 5 times”.
There are allot of variables with the range of tasks your app can perform, so as mentioned test it yourself.

Internet or Intranet? I believe you are targeting your app for internet and expecting a possible demand of 10000 simultaneous users. The best approach here is planning scalability and scaling as you go. I recommend that you be prepared for a load balance with multiple servers and start with a minimum set and add more as you go. Check virtual scalable environments like Amazon AWS, Rackspace, etc where you can add new server instances in minutes.

Ok, the best is hosting my app for the major performance is into cloud server ?

You might need to describe you project a little less broadly.

If you have the fastest server (cloud or physical) that money can buy, a single running xojo web app will not support 10,000 users. You will need multiple xojo web apps running behind a load balancer.

Agreed. Though I would add that this would be true for most “code heavy” sites whether in PHP, .NET, etc. If you’re looking at that many simultaneous users, you’re looking at load balancing.

Take a look at the stats on this forum, 1500 members last time I looked and not so many connected at once (will have to check during peak times but right now there is 5 online). Point is if you did have 10K simultaneous connections your membership would be 10 times that number. People always over exaggerate. If you truly do scale to this level I would use a company like amazon to start small and scale out as required. They make this process a doddle.

This forum is not a WE app.

Neither is it 10,000 concurrent users - the point was membership<>concurrent users.

someone could comment on their experience of maximum number of concurrent users and the feature of the hardware

[quote=14752:@Fernando Pinto]someone could comment on their experience of maximum number of concurrent users and the feature of the hardware

It’s dependent on your app. I’d bet you could easily handle 2000 concurrent users on a single instance of a Hello World app on modest server resources. Start adding in server side logic, and capacity will go down.