PDFView display problems with scanned PDFs

Look earlier in this thread. Norman posted on March 28, 2015 that he could reproduce it. And no, for my app the PDF viewer must be embedded in a Xojo window. Even making an NSWindow in Xojo using Declares doesn’t fix the problem. This thread isn’t going anywhere helpful. Unless someone from Xojo has a comment I’ll stop here.

IF we used a PDFView and had these issues then I’d agree
But HTMLViewer is not a PDFView
It’s a WebView
Entirely different beasts
And possibly entirely different bugs

It could be, but I suspect that it’s the same issue that underlies both (because the rendering problem that you see using PDF Kit and HTMLViewer/WebView is identical on a per-PDF basis, meaning that each PDF can show a different problem with the view cut off above or below (sometimes both)). And it’s related to Zooming. If you show at without Zoom (or Automatically Resize) the PDFs render properly.

Would it help if I submitted a Feedback example using PDF Kit (using the APIs in MacOSLib)? In fact, I can demonstrate it by substituting a large PDF for the MacOSLib PDF-containing window that they use to display documentation. I chose to submit the HTMLViewer example because it’s a native Xojo control. But one can see that there is very little code in the PDF Kit example for anything can go wrong. Just create a PDFView and assign a PDFDocument in a window. I’d be happy to do that if you think it’s worthwhile.

[quote=255529:@Jonathan Ashwell]
Would it help if I submitted a Feedback example using PDF Kit (using the APIs in MacOSLib)?[/quote]
The examples that are already there should be fine
Now dont take this as “Oh norms going to work on this” as I’m not the right engineer to tackle it

I understand. And thanks for commenting.

Impatience rarely solves anything.

I have the same problem with large PDF files (several hundred pages) but only in a 32-bit build. The problem don’t occur in 64-bit and it seems that everything works fine.

That is interesting. Unfortunately, I can’t go to 64-bit at this time for my project. But I’ll check it out with the example that I uploaded in Feedback.

Yup, the example works fine when compiled as 64-bit. So I guess that will light a fire under me to get my 64-bit house in order. Unfortunately, that’s going to mean diving deep into MacOSLib! Thanks very much for the tip.