PDFs now not opening in Preview and not showing in Quick Look

just found out that I cannot open PDFs nor view them as Preview in Quicklook… after some reseach it seems I am not alone. Is there anybody else effected?


did you reset your launch services database?

Recently only example project from my plugins had a file type defined for PDF and itself as editor.
So the system wanted to start the example to open PDFs.
Client hat to rebuild the database for launch services to fix it.


The Strange thing is: I do not have an Xojo App which is opening PDFs - I even didn’t work on my Mac today because I was off the whole day. This morning everything worked fine but not now. Preview is suddenly not connected to PDFs and I’ve tried it manually but this doesn’t work either. But I can open PDFs with Affinity Designer.

stupid question: how can I reset my launch services database?

well first it would be good to see what took over PDF’s

then you can fix the offender

resetting the LS database is trickier
there is a way to reset the whole thing
not sure about one UTI

this issue seems to be worldwide…

NOTE this rebuilds the ENTIRE launch Services database so you may lose custom settings for “Open With”

Open the Terminal application in your Utilities folder. Copy & paste:

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

Return and let the process run to completion, it will put you back out at the prompt.

Restart your Mac (you should not need to do this but it never hurt after this kind of rebuild)

Run Preview
but if you have another app that says IT should be the default for ALL PDF’s the problem will likely return

@Norm: Negative doesn’t work for me. After resetting and rebooting I still cannot open PDF not use Quicklook. Suddenly I get an iCloud Dialog box to enter my iCloud Password… seems Apple is doing something in the background… and it seems not to be good!!!

@Sam Rowlands : Is this something with Shine? In all forums I read all are using your Software Shine…

You can look in the PLIST for Shine & see what it has for exported UTI’s

The link I posted from the other conversation might be relevant since it IS from Sam

running the following work for me now.

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

Right now I recieved an Update of Shine and voil PDFs are now opening again… I am a bit frightend that in general a single App can cause such an impact on the whole system. Even the terminal script didn’t work at least for me.

one of the downsides of UTI’s
they literally let an app say “I OWN THESE” regardless of what else already says that :stuck_out_tongue:
type + creator code had a little it more flexibility in some areas (but not others)

Yes, the plist entries in Shine were incorrect, which was causing this corruption. I noticed on the Apple Developer forums, that others have been having this issue since before the broken Shine update was released, so I suspect that there may be other apps out there with incorrect plist files.

That is correct.

I would like to state that I’m very grateful to the “App Store Review Team” and I will be writing them a letter of gratitude, for their handling in this situation, they turned the bug fix release around in one day, and hopefully minimized the damage caused by this version.

I’m very sorry guys for the frustration and inconvenience caused by this mistake.

I too… I have filed a bug report with Apple and provided them all the information, even though this mistake is mine, I don’t think it should have broken Apple’s Preview.

Your’s humbly;
Sam Rowlands

As a result, I’m now developing a tool to figure out what apps are messing with Apple’s Preview; I’ve found some that are not Shine (or even my apps) on another machine we have.

I’ll post a link once I have a working alpha, what other file formats have people noticed that Preview no longer displays?

So far I have PDF, PSD, BMP, GIF & TIFF.

The other question I have; is what to do with these broken apps? I can modify the plist of the application to fix the problem, but that breaks the code signature of the application, or I can simply move them to the trash. I’m voting on the later.

Here’s the first beta of “Preview Reset”, which should help track down any other applications on your machine that are messing with Apple’s Preview. When the reset button is clicked, it moves them to the trash, resets Apple’s Preview and then rebuilds the Launch Services database.

In our tests, once the apps have been moved to the trash, there isn’t even the need to restart the machine.


I have now created a support document on this topic, and modified App Wrapper so that it will catch public UTIs in the Exported List and move them to the imported list (or delete them if they already exist in the imported list).