PDFs don’t load in build - HtmlViewer1.LoadPage(f)

Xojo noob here!

I built a simple app for a class. I used HTMLViewer to populate some PDFs at certain points while using the app, but the PDFs don’t show in the application when the final build is launched.

It works if you drag the application into a folder with those PDF files. however, I would like the application to be standalone and simply have its package contents.

Is there a way to include the PDFs somewhere in the application’s package contents and get them to show up with the app?

You can include them in the package (Resources Folder) using a Copy File Build Step. Then you only need to point the folder item to the PDF you need to load in the HTMLViewer.

My app is already built / finalized - Would I need to rebuild?

The link you sent is for iOS - I’m on Mac OS

If you want to include the files in the package, then you need to rebuild.

The steps for adding files using a Copy File Build Step are basically the same.

You can find a more broad information about the topic here

Gotcha - Thanks! I don’t have a license, so I’ll have to ask my professor to rebuild with our class’s free license.

Found the Mac OS copy documentation- thank you!