I use HTMLViewer with ‘native’ renderer which is a wrapper for MS EXplorer (I think). Upon loading a PDF I get a message that ‘PDFNetc.dll is missing’.
When I use Explorer and open the PDF no messsage and the PDF is rendered OK.

Putting PDFNetc.dll in the .exe folder does not help. Switching to Webkit rendering does not show the PDF.

What version of explorer? Could it have something to do with allowing Explorer plugins?
When I open explorer I tend to have to allow plugins. Maybe that doesn’t work with the HTMLviewer?
Just guessing.

No, Explorer uses this dll to render PDF’s but it doesn’t work right.

On Windows, I stopped using pdf. XPS works pretty well.

Would you care to elaborate?

On newer versions of Windows (since Vista), if you look in your list of printers you will see “Microsoft XPS Document Writer.” It acts like a printer so any file that can print can create the XPS file.


Vista and newer also have viewers. For XP, it has to get installed.

I was looking for a way to get around all the problems with pdf and this solved it since the software only ran on Windows.

Yes, thank you found out already. Very easy to implement as XPS can be opened by the HTMLViewer.LoadPage().

I considered the XPS format 2nd rate as there is already PDF. But how common PDF is, it is still a burden prgrammatically. I don’t get that.