PDFDocument – missing letters?

Hi together!

I use PDFDocument to export data from an application I wrote for storing book data and notes. But in the resulting PDF document greek letters are missing. I use this line of code to set the font:

g.FontName = PDFDocument.StandardFontNames.Times

(I also tried custom fonts, but the results were even more curious, mainly concerning interpunctuation.)

The result shout look like this (TextArea screenshot):

But instead the PDF document shows this:

The Times font should have greek letters, so I have no clue why PDFDocument behaves like this…

PDFDocument currently only supports the Ansi range. Xojo is working on the Unicode PDF Support. That’s why you getting question marks.

Ah, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification!

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If you look for a replacement, check MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin.

Thanks for the suggestion, but since it’s only a hobby project for my personal usage, I don’t intend to invest in third party plugins. :man_shrugging:

I wonder If there are any news regarding Unicode in PDF … the progress PDF functionality has made in XOJOI 2021 R1.1 is remarkable :slight_smile:
Would love to see it in the next Release :wink:

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@Uwe_Merz - It’s probably a good idea to ask @Javier_Menendez about the progress of the Unicode implementation. However, I don’t think Xojo is ready yet.


Some more pieces need to be put in place, so everything goes smooth when it arrives. It is in the top of our PDF to-do list; still, I hope you all continue enjoying other niceties added to PDF until Unicode arrives :wink:


Still no Greek letters for PDFDocument in Xojo 2021 Release 2 … :confused:

Hi @JensK

As you can see, we are making great progress in PDF stuff on every release. Everything will arrive, just a matter of time while everything else is in place for it to happen.

Thank you for your feedback!

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I think a correct displaying of text would be my first concern when dealing with PDF stuff. I don’t know the other features because for me PDF is mainly a text file format.
I didn’t mean to push, though – fortunately I am just programming for fun, so there is no real urge for my problem. Still, from an aesthetic point of view the result is not really satisfying.

Thank you for your understanding @JensK . I bet you’ll be glad when other features arrive (of course, in addition to Unicode) :slight_smile:

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