PDF PreFlight or similar

Does somebody have PREFLIGHT or some other type of PDF analysis tool?
My PDF class worked fine, but now seems to break down on large documents.

As part of my syntax printer, I incorporated by PDF class to allow that functionality for WINDOWS.
It produces a nice PDF, which PREVIEW on OSX has no problem with.
However AcroReader under WIndows says it is corrupted and won’t open it.
GhostScript tells me there is a problem with XREF (but that seems to be the “go to” error message)

When I compare the XREF table to the location of all the objects in the file it matches 100%
when I manually follow all the links, the all seem to line up 100%

So, would some be willing/able to run a detailed analysis of a test file for me, and help me knock this down?
if so, send me your email address in a private message and I will ZIP and send the file to you…

Any/All help is appreciated…


reviving this topic.
I have solved all the issues that I had previously with gPDF, at least to the point where it works consistently between OSX and Windows (which is did NOT do before).
However, the PDF has some very minor issue, and all of the online validators I can find, just say “missing x” but with no indication as to where (and a visual inspection looks fine). Adobe Reader on windows, says it will “fix” it… but that doesn’t help me to “not create the error in the first place”, as the output from AR is munged up way different (not to mention compressed, making a visual comparison impossible)

So if someone has PREFLIGHT (or similar) that can pinpoint the anomoly, I can fix it… but as I said, visual inspection indicates nothing wrong (obviously I’m not seeing something)

here is the preliminary docs : www.rdS.com/gpdf/gpdf.html

I can email (or post to my website) some sample PDF files…