pdf menù

There is a way to create a menù like to PDF’s menù ? (menù that is showed in web browser when the mouse over).
I’ll would like for both mac and win.

Any idea?



load PDF in htmlviewer so the web pdf plugin can show such menu?

If your objective is to create a similar functionality, then I would use the mousemove event of the window, and when the XY coordinates of the mouse are within a certain area of the window, then I would show a container control that contains the controls that emulate the desired menu, and set it to the foreground of the window… If the mouse moves away from the region, then I would hide the container again. This is just an idea, but I never actually tried it.

I would not do that with a web app, The traffic from the mousemove event would slow the app down too much.

Thanks Christian and Louis,
I’ll try with container control…