PDF File

Hi ,
can i generate using pdfclass pdfdocument pdf file from html string? Or a page directly from Htmlviewer ?
Version 2020r1 Web

thank you

No that’s currently impossible. PDFDocument and PDFGraphics uses Graphics Object Methods.

This is a bug because it is not possible to create a report or print document in both Web 1 and Web 2 without using a third-party module. It’s a big complication

In web2 you can create simple PDFs. https://documentation.xojo.com/api/pdf/pdfdocument.html

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It is definitely not a bug, since PDFDocument was not introduced until 2020r1, in parallel with Web 2.0. Web 1.0 can therefore logically not yet support PDFDocument.

Of course, I know this, but for me it was a variant of how to create a print document without using other plugins, and in this case even Web 2.0 does not contain a component for creating print reports.

You should submit a Feature Request in Feedback. It is not a bug, but rather a non-existent function in the framework.

You can get MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin with a Starter license as part of OmegaBundle for a few days.
Our plugin can do a lot for PDF and includes support for web, desktop and console targets.

I am currently using a graffiti web plugin, but at the moment when a new version of xojo was released, I am limited to using the plugin because it is not yet compatible with the new version. If xojo had more components, it would certainly be more usable