PC Config that runs Xojo on Debian

Hey I have had a lot of issues with Xojo developing on Linux.

My question:
Is there anybody who can give me precise specs for a PC to run Xojo, without causing the typical slow (2-5 sec) response times (lag) when coding, or performing changes in the property pane or UI?

What kind processor, ram, graphich card will it take to handle Xojo properly?
I use Debian Wheezy 7.7 32bit, but can switch to 64bit if necessary.

Help and answers much appreciated.

The only way I could get Xojo working even half way productive on Linux is to use a distro w/ the xfce desktop. Any other desktop will experience extreme UI lag, regardless of specs. I have an alienware PC that dual-booted into a Linux Mint distro (Cinnamon). I couldn’t use Xojo because of the slow response times in the UI and editor. I switched to the xfce version and it worked fine (although I don’t prefer the xfce version).

Thanks Eric.

I’m currently using Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop and the performance is quite acceptable to me. I think my current bottleneck performance wise is the hard drive. I wish I had the money for an SSD.

Here’s a blog post I made about benchmarking different Linux distributions and desktops: Xojo on Linux: Part 2 of 2 HTH.

I used Mint Maya with the xfce desktop
Even though its an old distro it worked fine, the problem I had was the power management was eating ram (laptop), stopping that cured my Xojo lag… this is a cr… rubbish single core laptop, its now running Win 10 and I’d say Xojo is running a lot worse

The good news is that in my testing of lots (note than 40 at this stage) of desktop types, the issues only appear to affect the Xojo IDE and not built apps. So, you might want to have a build user that logs in with the lightweight desktop for development and then have your normal user with the heavy hitters.

I have tried to change to LXED desktop (still in Debian) on an older labtop, and it works a bit better despite poor specs. Unfortunately the longer time you work the slower the GUI gets. I find that bizarre that you have to close and restart Xojo and reload project, before you can work again.