Paypal in web app

Has anyone managed to create a way of processing Paypal payments from Xojo web app maybe using the MBS Curl or some other method?

I have been using a Xojo Paypal IPN Listener since Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket has been available, so I could send back in http 1.1 as required. I do not use Curl, but all recent examples at are using it.

The process is described very nicely.

That is the back office.

I never attempted to implement the payment process itself. I simply use Payment buttons.

Matthew Combatti had a 2012 class on XojoDevSpot. But I have not seen him in the forum for a while. And he does not seem very present on his own site either. Maybe you can download to see if it still works.

I am thinking about using the REST API ( to handle the payments etc.

Sounds good.