Payment Processors

Hi all.
I’ve been using Square for some time now for invoicing and I’m happy with it. I’m about to start selling physical product too and potentially transactions right from my applications.

I’m also on the board for my running club, and we are considering moving from RunSignup to handling our membership transactions on our own site.

RunSignup is expensive (but they do a lot… lots more than we need). It’s fees are about 5.5%
Square is 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

What have you guys used?
What percentage do they take?
How good is the service?

I’m really interested in any learnings any of you have had.

Thanks in advance.

Have you used Stripe, PayPal or Tipalti?

Stripe and PyPal are the most popular. Tipalti is better valued, according to users.

Forbes Advisor comments:
Stripe: Best for Customization.
Stripe: Best for Online and In-App Payments
PyPal: Best for PayPal and Venmo

I use PayPal.

We’ve been on Stripe for the better part of 10 years and I would recommend them. When we started it was an API-first payment gateway with close-to-the-metal pricing (ie merchant fees plus a tiny margin). These days they have a bunch of add-on plans with additional billing/reporting/etc features designed to take more of a clip on your rev which we’ve resisted as the cost would be material and so I can’t vouch for those but as a pure payment processor with a seriously good API, we haven’t found anything better.


I haven’t heart of Tipti.
PayPal seems to be more expensive.

You can check the cost on the web pages of each one.

Stripe: 3.6 % per card transaction.

It actually depends where you are located and doing business.
Stripe in Europe is 1.4% + €0.25
Stripe in the US is 2.9% + 30¢
Stripe in Australia is 1.75% + A$0.30

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And I can confirm that Stripe will negotiate their published rates according to volume. :wink: