Path to resources folder from within an HTMLViewer

I have a desktop app (at present, Mac only), and it has an HTMLviewer into which I will put an HTML string using LoadPage. The HTML itself will be read from the app’s resources folder so I should be able to use SpecialFolder.GetResource to find that.

The difficulty comes in that the HTML file itself loads some resources (.css and .js files) which I want to have as application resources. This is going to be done with statements like:



where these are resource files, need to be fixed ahead of time and won’t be constructed at run time. What, then, is the working directory that the HTMLviewer has internally? If I knew that I could make a path from it.

Use the second “relativeTo” parameter when loading the page and make the urls relative in the html.


Do you mean that for instance if the “relativeTo” folderPtr was for the HTML file itself, then in the and [/code]


This appears to be the case.