path problems

I’m trying to store a reference to a folder item that is on a servers and when the mount isn’t there, auto-mount and restore my Xojo folder item.

Christian S. has helped me with the auto-mounting part.
Now the problem is trying to restore the Xojo mount.

Initially I have the drive mounted, and I store the nativePath.
When I reload the mount it comes up with a different volume name.

so I try to start over with this path (say the volume is Input).
I do a SelectFolder to pic a path within that folder, and it automatically creates a new volume chrishalford-1

I’m baffled.

any words of wisdom?

… and will I have the same trials on Windows?

It sounds like the previous volume isn’t actually being unmounted. You should check that before mounting again.

Also look at FolderItem.SaveInfo.

Greg, I considered that too, so I spent HOURS looking at the Volumes directory as I performed tests. I don’t think it’s that.
When I unmount the directory correctly and mount it again, and then select a sub-folder from Xojo, the new Volume pops up.
It could have something to do with how I’m mounting the share by code… I’ll keep investigating.

Kem, this may be what I need. I don’t know why I’ve never noticed this before (in the last 200 years that I’ve been working with Xojo…).

Very appreciated. Thank you!