Pasting methods Mac <> Windows

I just noticed a very big difference of behavior between the Mac and Windows IDE when it come to pasting methods in a newly created method.

On Mac, if you create a method (untitled) and paste the code of another with its declaration, you need to manually set the name of the method, arguments and return type.

On Windows, as soon as you paste that info, the whole method is created with name, parameters and return type. This is much faster. The Untitled method remains, though.

It seems such different behaviors are not desirable. Bug report or feature request ?

I might be missing something, but why don’t you copy/paste the method instead of pasting the method in a newly created method?

Typically, because I take the code from the forum or some other textual source, and that does not paste directly neither on Mac or Windows. Just tested by pasting in a text editor a method copied from the navigator, then copied it from the text editor. It does not paste back in the IDE.

I told you I might be missing something :wink: