Pasting a method in the IDE does not work like in Windows

If I copy and paste the code of method into a Windows project in the IDE, for instance in a window, it adds the method to the window.

For instance

sub myMethod //Whatever End Sub

This creates the method.

On Mac, it does nothing, I must painfully create a new method, paste the code into it, recreate the name and paste the arguments.

Would it not be possible to have the same facility ?

Using a Mac IDE…
Right click the method in the navigator and select copy. Go to the new window right click again and select paste. Copies everything

Sure, but that is not my point. From IDE to IDE, I do that everyday on the Mac.

In Windows, you can copy a method from the forum (pure text) then paste it into the IDE, and the method is created.

Funny, for once, that is Mac which is backward :wink:

This works for me. It used to not though, I think in the last year some Xojo version added it.

Yes, it was 2015r2
25640 IDE » Window Editor Can paste methods, consts, enums and structures when they are copied from full text.

You are right, Will. Apparently, it was after 2015R1.

Sorry for bringing up a non-existent issue.

Copy paste to & from text has all kinds of brokeness :frowning:
You should be able to click & copy pretty much any code item (properties, constants, enums, methods, event defs, event handlers, you name it) - but there are a number of things we’ve found in our own use that aren’t right
Its actually something I’m working on fixing right now for a future release

It is already nice to be able to paste directly code from the forum.

I often drag and drop from one project to another as well. It seems to work fine.

This used to work on pre-Xojo.

BTW: in Real Studio 2012r2.1, I had troubles with Properties who were “pasted” as Methods.

With the Option key down ?

[quote=277099:@Emile Schwarz]@Michel Bujardet I often drag and drop from one project to another as well.
With the Option key down ?[/quote]

No, directly.

I think I needed to press the Option key (in Real Studio)…

Xojo’s IDE is not Real Studio’s (and some hate it because of that) :wink: