paste error in IDE

On one particular computer I have, the paste function has ceased working entirely in the xojo IDE. I can copy, but I cannot paste. I know the copy is working because I can paste from xojo into other programs. I have tried using the top-level menus, the contextual menu, and keyboard shortcuts but nothing works. This only seems to occur on one particular computer, not on all computers. I am using version 2014.r3.1.

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated because not being able to paste is getting very frustrating.

OSX? WIndows? Linux?

Windows 8

While never having experienced this personally, I have read on the Forums of this occurring. IIRC, a computer reboot solved the problem.

I have seen this also many times but never needed to reboot the computer. Most of the time if this happens the paste option in the contextual menu is disabled but in the edit menu it’s working. Besides that changing the selected item in the navigator or a few changings of the active tab sometimes re-activates the contextual paste menu again.
So this is defenitely a bug in the IDE and has nothing to do with faulty functioning of windows. The problem is that there is no straight forward way to reproduce this behaviour and i expect this even harder to reproduce this in a VM and to be sure to get the same behaviour as on a real pc and not test the implementation of the VM on that test computer.

I am having a similar problem, except that I cannot even copy anything to the clipboard. It happens on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Rebooting the computer does not help. It happens with both desktop and web projects. If I copy something from another program, I cannot paste it into the IDE.