Paste Clipboard text into TWO TextAreas

I can have a text in the Clipboard and want to paste it into TWO TextAreas.

The firt line will always go to the first TextArea (TA_Character_Name below) and the remainding will go to the other TextArea (TA_Comments.Text below).

I found this code. It works, but… is there a shorter ? Better ? Solution ?
How would you do that (if you have to do it) ?

[code] Dim Text_Packet As String
Dim Char_Name As String
Dim Char_Comments(-1) As String

// Change the end of line character(s)…
Text_Packet = ReplaceLineEndings(Clip.Text, EndOfLine)

// Place the first “line” into TA_Character_Name.Text
Char_Name = NthField(Text_Packet, EndOfLine, 1)
TA_Character_Name.Text = Char_Name

// Keep only the remainding of the String
Char_Comments = Split(Text_Packet, EndOfLine)

// Store the remainder into TA_Comments.Text
TA_Comments.Text = Join(Char_Comments, EndOfLine)[/code]