Paste Bug causes Xojo to become unresponsive

MacOS Ventura, Xojo 2022R 3.2

If you have the entire block of an if / end if code selected, and try to paste, it causes Xojo to become unresponsive and you have to force quit.
Screenshot 2022-11-28 at 7.22.47 AM

If you only select the top two lines of code, bottom two, or middle line, paste works fine. But once you select the entire if/end block and try to paste, Xojo becomes an unresponsive beach ball.

Xojo If-End if Paste Bug Video./

I already added this to an issue opened by Horst Jehle:

Interesting. I was having similar issues with 3.1, where I was copying and pasting from one event to another. When I got back to the first event, clicking on the window (in order to deselect) crashed the IDE. 3.2 seems to have fixed it - well at least it hasn’t happened since the upgrade.

Mine crashed so bad that it sent a report to Xojo who responded. Haven’t heard anything about it. Maybe they’re still working on it.

I believe it’s been fixed for the next version of Xojo. For now I delete highlighted code first, then paste.

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