Passing Information To IDE Script

I am playing around with IDE scripting to see if something is possible. I am trying to create a script that can generate simple classes based upon information sent to them. I am not seeing a way to pass information to an IDE Script though.

For example, the ChangeDeclaration method is used to change the signature of a property/method. Is there a way to pass the values that you want into a script so that you can use the same script to create different types of declarations?

You could have a base template script and then add a few lines each time you run it.

Another possibility would be to have the script call a Context method when it first runs to get the values it needs.

Put it in a property for the context.
Putting user entered text into the source code directly can cause trouble.

IDE Scripting started out as a way to automate a handful of things that used to be done by hand in the process of building the IDE (many many many ears ago) and really NOT as a means to programmatically add and manipulate the code (or layouts) in the IDE.

That it can do some of those things is more an offshoot of people trying to do these things over the years and tweaks getting made.
But its definitely not a generic means of having code write code for you.
IF you wanted to have code that wrote code you MIGHT write a small Xojo app that spit out classes / modules etc as xml and then import those