Passing attributes to an external app

Hey guys

I was wondering: is there a way to launch an external application (app2) from within another application (app1) while passing infos to it. For example, if I want to make sure nobody can launch app2 without first going through app1. Passing a code would make sure that is the case. It could also be to pass some other infos.


Rick you can pass arguments using the parameters string.

There are a few ways to handle this as I have been down this road recently.

Paul has a great Blog on the WordCount app he wrote as an example to show how to spawn off console apps from a desktop app using the Shell.
Paul’s Word Counter Example App Blog

You can also pass information/code via the IPC socket which gives you more flexibility for passing bidirectional messaging.

Hey again.

Actually, the parameters string should be ok for my use. But, I could not find how app2 can the incoming parameters so that it can deal with it. The documentation does not talk about it. Any ideas?

Thanks again


System.CommandLine should let you fetch the parameters passed to a desktop app.

Looks good! Now I just need to isolate the parameters’ part and I am all set.

Many thanks to you guys


I have a built a similar system.
APP1 create an IPCSocket in a temporary folder, then launch APP2 passing the IPCSocket path as an argument.
APP2 opens, check the command line argument and connect to the socket.
Then APP1 and APP2 can talk and exchange whatever type of data.

It works very good.