partially transparent window

Hi, is it possible to make a window full screen, so the apple menu wont show. The window should be transparent from the top 200 to the bottom, so another application in the background is still visible.
-When the application is in full screen mode, the transparent window’s color changes to black so the application in the background is not visible.

Look at MacOSLib ; the splash screen is tarnsparent that way.

If i understand the situation, I think it’s black because it’s moved to a different space, ie it’s not over the background application anymore.

Instead of using the real fullscreen mode I think you’ll have to make your own by moving the window to a level above the menubar and set the bounds. This can be fraught with all kinds of complications though.

Hi Michel, the background is black in this project too when its in full screen.

I was able to hide the top menubar. I guess there is a terminal command too to make its “required mouse hover time to appear” so long that it will never appear again. After this, i will use the splash view that Michel suggested.

Hiding the menubar would be better than what I was suggesting, which was to move the window to a higher level so it covers the menubar.

There’s a property on Window: MenuBarVisible. Just set it false.

Did you try OverlayMBS class in MBS Plugins?
You can use that class to make transparent palettes.

Thank you Will, your suggestion solved one of the problems.
Now my view’s middle is transparent, and i put a canvas on it to capture a pinch gesture.
a) Can this “plain view” be a global floating?
b) Why can i click through the canvas?
I rarely do desktop apps (only iOs) sry for the dumb questions.