Part # to Description conversion

New to xojo, was handed a project to work on. Bare with me and thanks in advanced for any tips/direction you can point me in.

I have a list of part numbers…
Example: SAJ160303B1GG5125F

The part number consists of several items that form a description…
S = P1
A = Aqua
J = 3.0mm
16 = Duplex
etc, etc…

Description: P1 125’ 24F ST ST SM DSPIO B 1 GG SNN

I need to create a desktop app that allows me to either:
A) As I type the part number, the description appears.
B) After I enter the entire part number, press a button and a the corresponding description is displayed.

The part number is has a static setup, always the same amount of characters per item.
Is there something in xojo that can look at say, character 1 (S), go to a list to find out what (S) stands for, and display it as the first part of the description?

create a database… local or remote would depend on the requirements
after that… a little SQL will look up the records any way you want.

Now that is a simplistic description, and I didn’t provide any details, as those would be dependant on your environment, platform, local vs remote, single user vs muliple, future scalability as well as a ton of other factors

It is also dependant on your knowledge… If you are not familiar with database and SQL… I suggest that you put the project aside until you are, otherwise you are just setting yourself up for failure from the start

Check out Mid:
Once you have the character(s) of interest you could use

  • a dictionary to look up each one and its corresponding description
  • a sql database (which might be over your head at the moment)

Thanks Dave and Jason.
I’ll dive a bit deeper into this. I have some experience with access databases so hopefully I can grasp this fairly quick.

You might take look at Einhugur’s Search Control. It’s a field that you can start typing in and either start a search immediately while typing, or when the user pauses briefly. Then do a SQL database search for the part number using LIKE or something similar.