Part of an email text in Bold

I"d like to put one specific phrase of an email that is created by my app in BOLD. Is that possible ?

if you send it as html mail sure
just mark it up with the right html tags

Thanks Norman!
I don’t have experience using HTML in Xojo. Could you explain me a little bit more?
May I use an HTML editor like Adobe DreamWeaver to compose my HTML design and use this HTML file in my Xojo app? How could I do that?
Thanks in advance.

That’s a doozey of a dangerous question. If you’re using DreamWeaver as a text editor, sure. If you’re using it’s “designer” view, you might get some really weird output that may or may not work with email.

Email sent as HTML has to be inline-css. I would recommend sticking to plain text or really basic html for the simple formatting (bold, italics, underline, color)

When you are ready to send your html message, you’ll need to place it in EmailMessage.BodyHTML

Thanks you Tim. I’ll try.

In html enter to start bold and to stop it.

Perfect! Thanks.