Parse XML Nil = "-"

Hi everyone
i have this XML, and i want to place data in separate array ( of same size )
No problem with “room” and “service” because they came in pair
But how can i store “leave” and the innertext keeping same size and index of “room” and “service”
To be able to synchonize all array.
If i loop through “leave” node…i dont have the same count then not the same index
I’v try to catch NilObject Execption( when the code didn’t found the child )… to replace by “-” in the array…But i faild and i dont think is the right way

<hotel room="B201" service="0"/> <hotel room="B202" service="1"/> <hotel room="B203" service="2" leave="y"><C>67415</C></hotel> <hotel room="B204" service="10" leave="n"><C>88183</C></hotel> <hotel room="B205" service="0"/> <hotel room="B206" service="0"/> <hotel room="B207" service="0"/> <hotel room="B208" service="1" leave="n"><C>10188</C></hotel> <hotel room="B209" service="2" leave="n"><C>90011</C></hotel> <hotel room="B210" service="1" leave="y"><C>64120</C></hotel>

Test for ChildCount=0 before you try to access the child?

ChildCount don’t raise execption !!
Thanks Tim