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I coded an iPad app in Xcode & Swift. I used as backend, so the user can login via

Now I want to make a Web-Version of the app, by using Xojo WebEdition.

Is there a simple solution, to use the User Account Management from in a Xojo WebEdition App?
I don’t need any special. Just the login for the user and the “the password forgot - send a email to make a new one”-function.


Did you ever hear back on this? I’m in exactly the same situation where I have four apps that I developed in objective-c (on Xcode), all of which use the same account. Now I want to write a web app to access parse. I came across ParseSocket from quite a few years ago, but can’t seem to get it to work in my app.

Mark McMinn

I had a glimpse at their doc. I think the simplest web implementation for Xojo is JavaScript. Use a WebSDK control to pass variables back to Xojo.

PHP could be another option, but you need to communicate with Xojo through Shell, and PHP is not supported in Xojo Cloud.

What an excellent idea! Thanks, Michel. I’ll give this a try.

Torsten Tellur found a RealBasic version: