Parnell ARGen

I downloaded it from Tim’s website and try to run it in demo mode (no license) with the Demo SQlite DB that came with the BKeeney download. When I tried to generate the project ,the I got a message dialog that generation failed with a NilObjectException. OSX 10.14.6

BTW Tim, you might want to make clear in your advertising that the user has a choice to generate API 1 or API 2 code. I thought it was just API 2 from what I read until I actually ran the ARGen app.


Thanks for reporting the issue, Karen! I’m surprised that exception made it to the public. It was specific to the demo mode which I didn’t have in place for testers. I have released a new version that fixes the exception, and uploaded the separate ActiveRecord download that didn’t get staged.

This is a really great suggestion, it’s easy to forget that not everyone looking at the website is familiar with ARGen!

I also downloaded the demo, but couldn’t test it, because for some reason you don’t support SSL connections with PostgreSQL (you do with MySQL, which deeply offends me).

No one had ever asked for it before. The only reason MySQL supports SSL is because it was specifically requested by a customer while I was at BKS. If you’d be willing to spearhead testing, I can add SSL for Postgres. Please email me if you’re interested

Edit: I’m more than happy to, I just need someone who can test to be sure it’s implemented correctly.

I’ll gladly do that (you got my mail already), but you (and anyone else who wants to play around with a pg instance) can also check for yourself against the public instance given at (note that the tables are in the “rnacen”-schema). I just connected to it, works fine. I bet there are many others.

I do not found (saw) the link. Can you share it, please ?

Well, as the website explains here are the connection details:
Port: 5432
Database: pfmegrnargs
User: reader
Password: NWDMCE5xdipIjRrp

So you’d just setup a standard postgresqlDatabase object and supply those values. You can learn a lot about RNA sequences (which is what this database is all about).

Btw, that server does not support SSL, so I lured Tim up the wrong alley. But I’ll gladly test his app against my own servers, which require SSL connections.