parent object

once i create a object for a form like

dim x as new form1

and then i use the new object x to do something is there a parent object that allows me to access controls on the parent form where i created the x obejct?

Not sure I follow the question
If Form1 has controls on it and x is a reference to a new instance created like
dim x as new form1

then you can reference the controls through x
Suppose there is a label on the form called label1 then use something like x.label1

maybe this will make more sense.

dim y as new form1

dim x as new form2

// update form1’s txtbox1

form1.txtBox1 = “test” or is there a parent.txtBox1 = “xxx” ? does form1 still work as a object since I defined it as X ?

does that help ?

ah yeah
form1 won’t work in this case

“forms” (or layouts) are classes and a class acts like a template - it has no existence until such time as you create one using the NEW operator. Then what you have is an instance that you can change properties on

I’d make sure you read the free Introduction to Programming with Xojo and the various user guides available on
They cover a ton of these kinds of questions