Parameters Not Compatible - Compile Time Err When Adding HTTPSocket To WebContainer

Simply adding an HTTPSocket object to a WebContainer causes the compile time error “parameters not compatible with this function.”

This is really killing me. If it bites you too could you please support it in feedback?

A work around is to add the socket in code.

  1. Add a property to your container with the type HTTPSocket.
  2. In the Open event add the line = New HTTPSocket.



Thanks Wayne!

Also another work around is to use a WebView sub class as a middle class, where you do exactly what you describe in the WebView subclass, and use AddHandler and such in the constructor. This way you can drag a simple object anywhere and use events instead of doing it by code as often. And you can make it invisible in the constructor… I am getting an error if I do that, so I just set the .left property to 0-me.length+10