Parameters are not compatible with this function. Error in piDog_CalendarControl

I have a large project to which i would like to add the CalendarControl from piDog. But if i add the Control to my Project and try to compile it, it get a “Parameters are not compatible with this function. Error in RBXML File in piDog_CalendarControl.Constructor”.
Since i can’t look at the Code in this Constructor Method (it’s encrypted), i can’t find the location in project which is causing this issue.

Is there any way for me to find the code in my project which is causing the issue?

Are you calling new piDog_CalendarControl anywhere?

No. I really just need to drag the piDog_CalendarControl into my project and if i try to run it, i see the error.

I just did exactly that and the only “error” I get is a warning about an unused event parameter. I was able to drag the control into a window, run it, and see the calendar.

I know, because it works fine with a new project.
The must be something within my own project which is causing the conflict and i can’t find it because i can’t see the line in the piDog_CalendarControl.Constuctor method which conflicts with my own code.

Just got a Mail from Jim McKay. He will make all the references explicit and we hope this will fix the issue.
I want to replace Einhugurs CalendarControl with piDogs CalendarControl, because it is scaleable and fits better in my UI.

Did not help.

@jim mckay found a solution and will update the Control on his Website soon.

The support from @jim mckay was very very helpfull.

Thank you @jim mckay ! :slight_smile:

Any word on the exact nature of the problem and its solution?

I think it was related to the scope of propertys or methods.

It came down to a typo in a dynamic constant. When run, the compiler evaluated the mistyped constant to zero (which seems like it should have caused an error but did not). In Sascha’s project, there was a string Global with the same name as the typo and the compiler resolved it to that string which caused a type mismatch when it was used to call a method (from inside the constructor) expecting an integer.

Ah, that makes sense, thanks for the explanation.