Parameter passing to WebDialog - Best practice

Is there a better way to pass a parameter to a WebDialog than just having a session variable?

I have a ListBox that the user selects a line then a dialog box opens to do some editing. I need the dialog box to “know” which in the ListBox was selected. It works fine with a session variable but it creates some “clutter” when you need to pass stuff to multiple dialog boxes and you end up with multiple session variables.

You can create a property on the webdialog, and set the value for that property before showing the webdialog (use myWebDialog.myProperty to assign the value, where myWebDialog is the name of the WebDialog on the WebPage, not the original WebDialog).

Also, you can access the listbox directly from the webdialog (use myWebPage.myListBox) in order to determine the currently selected row.


I had thought about accessing the selected list box row. That can help in many cases but sometimes I need more info.

I had NOT thought that I could set a property in a WebDialog in advance of it actually being displayed. Hummmmm … I like that one. I could set just about anything I want and no clutter in the session stuff. I assume this would be session safe for multiple users.


Yes, you are accessing the session instance of the pages and dialogs.