Parallels 12 / Acronis

Yesterday I updated my 2 mac computers (El Capitain) from Parallels 11 to Parallels 12. As soon as I had done that I ran into several issues on OSX, which are now solved with the help of my friend and poweruser @Paul Sondervan .
On a Win10 VM, everything seemed to run fine but Xojo. Both IDE 2016R3 and 2017R1.1. crashed on every second Ctrl-R. Never seen that and not feeling very pleasant.
With Parallels 12 I got a year license of Acronis for Mac, installed that and started a diskbackup to their cloud. This ‘innocent’ process runs in the background and is very slow, although I have a very fast internet connection It should take 40 hrs to backup my 330 GB.
Long story short, after I quit Acronis, I did not have Xojo on VM crashing anymore.

Thanks for the warning, I was right to not install the gifts.
(In this case, use the word “gift” in its German meaning as well).

= Poison

Yes, that’s true. :slight_smile: