We use a printer with 6 paperbins to print musicsheets.
How can we use DeviseCapabilities te get de names of the bins?
I don’t want to buy plug-ins as i think it should be a custom ability in Xojo.
Just like printer.duplex as i could use in VB6 years ago.
In Xojo i have printersetups for each bin, orientation, duplex, color and number of the paper bin.
That’s 24 setups to control the printing. Why make it easy if it can be difficult :slight_smile:

And I don’t want to buy a coffee machine as I think Xojo should be able to make one … but after waiting for a year without Xojo fulfilling my very reasonable request and me getting really cranky without my daily coffee leading to my wife making me sleep on the sofa I bought one after all :wink:


You’re always welcome to come and drink a cup of coffee at my place and i don’t expect Mercedes tot deliver a coffee machine with my car.

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I am not aware of any possibility within Xojo. You probably know that printers are quite a complex topic, with all the different kind of drivers and protocols existing etc., so I do see, why this could not be easy for Xojo to implement. As you don’t want to consider plugins, I won’t point you to MBS plugins. There is little I do with printers, but I believe I read only recently something that MBS can help on this.

Thank you Jeannot
Many many years ago i wrote a program with VB6 using DeviseCapabilities to manage the printing.
That still works but with every new computer is becomes more difficult.
Therefore i am rewriting it with Xojo. Knowing it must be possible, despite the poor printer handling in Xojo. So i am just looking how to use DeviseCapabilities for printer handling in Xojo.
I am aware of MSB and other plugins but what was possible about 30 years ago with VB6 should be no problem for the Xojo engineers. I will manage on my own but some help from anyone who already solved the problem should be of a great help.

Did you open a FeedbackCase? I mean we waited years for a date picker … my view: at least we have an option. Perhaps there is an alternativ, though I have never read about it.

For Mac NSPrintInfoMBS:

Thanks again Jeanot
A FeedbackCase, don’t know where to look for that, used to discover things on my own.
I will look it up.

You are welcome. You need to download the Feeback App:

There you can ask for new features and you can encourage users to vote for then. I never used that functionality though I can’t judge on it. But that’s the theory behind it.

My 5 cents: if there exists already a workaround through plugins the likelihood of getting supporters might just not be very big. But yes, Xojo recently published pdf, datepicker and chart support, though there were plugins. So it is worth trying. I agree that Xojo devs surely have the capabilities to develop something like that, but the question is, if it is of any priority, mainly because every user has its own priorities.

With Visual Studio I can for instance develop a Ribbon Bar for Office products and for that particular case no plugin exists ;-). So all I’m saying is: only the fact that something was easily do-able in VB6, or Delphi, or GFA Basic doesn’t mean it is not do-able in Xojo (or any other language). But I will now stop jeopardizing your thread here, perhaps someone has a solution for it.