PanelIndex and IDE and member of Panel

  1. How do I insure a control (eg. TextArea) is a member of a PagePanel (or TabPanel)?
    It is obvious if the panel is large, but mine are to the boundaries of the next whole PagePanel

  2. Is PanelIndex only changeable in code?

rectcontrol at PanelIndex there is no mention of where it is set, so I assume it is done only in code.

  1. The parent will get a red glow around it when you’re dragging a control within a control that will act as a parent. When designing in the IDE and I’m short on space between the size of the child and the parent, I tend to make the parent HUGE while designing and then scale it down.

  2. No, it’s on the Advanced tab in the IDE.

Grumble. The red box isn’t showing.
The PagePanel has the fine black line, and the ImageWell has blue dots.

If the red box isn’t showing, the child control isn’t actually a child yet.

Make the ImageWell smaller, drop it inside the PagePanel, and once it’s a child use the manual settings to size it (by telling it the size you want it). Because the last step isn’t a drag, it doesn’t accidentally get orphaned.

This would be a great place for a ContainerControl so you could design the view once, and then use two instances of the view and set the Up/Down label as appropriate.

Edit: err, well I guess my instructions were for trying to get it to be a child of the TextArea which probably isn’t the desired effect. The IDE may be getting confused because of all these controls close together and overlapping. Make the PagePanel HUGE, like extend outside the window, and get the ImageWell to be a child before you try to position it.

Thanks container control idea. The important thing is experiment with stuff

I moved the panel off of the window and built it there. Thanks