PagePanel Indicators

I’m not sure whether “indicators” is the right term, but is anyone aware of a subclass of PagePanel that adds those little circle indicators at the bottom that show the user which page they are on?

Is this for Web or for Desktop? Not that I think a pre-existing subclass exists already, I was just curious.
I feel like I’ve seen them somewhere on a Mac app, but can’t recall where.

It’s for desktop - my app runs on OS X and Windows.

Haven’t a clue what you mean. Draw something that you like or post a picture of what you want. AFAIR David S made a class for the white number in red circle status indicator.

Beatrix, I believe he meant like the ones you would find on any number of photo sliders on the web.

Ah, that’s better: paging numbers. Like 1/15. I don’t remember seeing one of these. But nowadays I would say that just displaying the numbers is okay.

Yes that’s what he meant. Also any number of recent apps that have a “Welcome” series of pages to guide you through the new features of the app. The small circles give the user an indication of where they are up to so, for example, the user knows that they are stepping through 5 pages of information rather than an indeterminate number. The “white number in red circle indicator” sounds like a banner (at least that’s the term on iOS) but I’m not looking for that.

No. Not numbers. Don’t feel that you have to answer this question. I’m just asking the community. Those that know if it exists will understand what I mean.

Was just trying to help. Will refrain to do so.

I know the ones you mean. You see them on the bottom of the screen on iOS devices but I can’t say I’ve ever seen them on a desktop app. Some web apps as Tim mentions for paging controls.

That said it should be simple enough to create.

The tricker part will be setting it up so as you change its properties it can adjust its position and size on whatever layout you put it on but even then not impossible.

The latest Skype update on OS X uses them (and they may have been used on earlier versions) and I’ve seen them a few times on other OS X apps but I can’t remember which right now. But yes they are pretty common on iOS.

Cant say I ever noticed them in Skype

All said since I wrote “should be easy to do” I’ve created one that I’m just trying out

Thanks Norman! Also…pushing my luck…ideally the page indicator circles should be clickable so the user can jump to a chosen page. :wink:

like this

EDIT - WHOA ! let me resize that image :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! Do you have public properties for fillcolor and selectedcolor? I was envisaging white outlined (non filled) circles with a solid white circle indicating the selected one. :stuck_out_tongue:

This IS only “quick & dirty” - literally written in the time we have chatted about it
Seems to do what you’re wanting
Things like changing the color & fill of the buttons as a setting in the inspector is left as an exercise for the reader :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no nice gradient fill as the back ground or a grey ovoid behind it etc etc etc
But those touches are pretty easy to add

Yep, no problem. I was just pushing my luck ;). I appreciate you having a quick go at this for me and I’ll see what I can do with it. :slight_smile:

Here’s my attempt

It’s unpolished too; would like computed properties I guess to keep things in absolute sync, and color properties. I focused on having centered dots with click highlighting. prev/next arrows might be nice too. And an optional “1/6” or “1 of 6” type tag might be nice.

better attempt