PagePanel in IDE

When adding a PagePanel to MainWindow, it displays over the content controls on MainWindow. Is there a way to have it display either in a separate tab of the IDE, or in such a way that it doesn’t hide what is on the MainWindow? e.g. On the MainWindow I would need to present content to the user, then have a button to transfer control and visibility to one of the PagePanels

That question doesn’t make sense. Can you explain what you’re trying to do another way? Try putting the pagepanel on the window first, and then put the controls on the pages of the pagepanel.

Sorry… my session timed out. But yep, my question makes no sense to me either.

Using the ContainerControl Example in Xojo, I would simply like to add additional containers to the “MainPanel”. When I drag a ContainerControl over the active “MainPanel” it does not increment the page counter at the bottom of the MainPanel control. Controlling each isn’t the issue, adding ContainerControls to the MainPanel is the question.


You change the page count manually. Then add controls to them. Dragging a container (or any control) over the pagepanel will add the container to the current page, not add additional pages.