Page with "osx human interface guidelines

I am looking for the XOJO page that links to “osx human interface”. I am hoping that page will also mention the Microsoft and Linux versions.

What I really need to know is the button pattern for dialog boxes. I only know that Windows “Yes” button is different than Mac.

Can someone help

The actual guidelines are here…

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And what about the Microsoft version. Also, Is there a Linux version

BTW. OSX performs just like the guidelines

From google:

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Thanks all. I didn’t think it would be on the page for “Desktop Windows”

A search in the search field (docs web page) would returns that too…

Indeed, the LR page posted by Emile is inadequate. There are no design guidelines there.

The page I posted on Microsoft Windows site, “Design Basics for Windows apps” is really the equivalent of Apple “Human Interface Guidelines”.

Note that if indeed many notions are similar, current Windows design guidelines tend to part from the traditional Win32 controls as offered by Xojo, to embrace a more “web site” look.

For instance, Listbox is preferred over a PopupMenu, the notion of fluid UI is typical of Web design.