page visible height

I would like to have a ‘status bar’ at the bottom of my app page. I am simply adding a label at the bottom of the page that I can update with messages to the user. However, this label disappears if the page is longer that the browser windows. Is there a way to know the visible heigh of the browser to that I can move the label to that point on a resize event? Or may there is a better way to accomplish a status bar at the bottom of an application that is always visible.

Thanks in advance!

Put the content of the page in a webcontainer and let that container a little less high than the page so the lower row with the label is visible below the webcontainer. The scrolling will take place in the container.

Does a Label that is locked to the Bottom of the page not stay on the screen for you?

Well the page grows dynamically with content, and then the label disappears as it follows the bottom of the page.

@ Andre

Yeah, I was thinking that may be the only way. Just wanted to check if there was something I was missing.

I rarely use WebPages for anything. I have one webpage that is blank and I dynamically load Container Controls to do the rest. Lock your message to the bottom of the page and have the content container control grow as needed. The scrolled event of container controls can also be helpful, especially when knowing to load more content as you reach the bottom of a page.

Thank you Brock and Andre. I went ahead and implemented that. It also helped simplify by application toolbar.