Page size iphone

what is the perfect web page size for Iphone and ipad

There isn’t. You need to consider orientation, whether address bar and tool bar (bottom) are visible, classic iPhone aspect ratio, iPhone 5 aspect ratio, retina display factor (2), etc. Alternate browsers, such as Chrome have different content areas and fullscreen abilities. So basically, it’s the same mess as Android in practice, but without any fragmentation.

You also need to look at how interaction is done differently. Compare the xojo forum on desktop and on iPhone and look how they handle the different screen sizes.


but where i go to make this.

any example ?

Have you looked at EE Electronics example for web? You can see how xojo detects the browser and display’s their mobile version of the webapp.

Using CSS you can use the @media rule to define layouts for different screen sizes. See


How to use CSS on xo jo web ?