Page Panel names?

Is there a way to change the generic number names (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, etc…) on a Page Panel, to something more descriptive? I have one Page Panel with 11 panels that controls an Options screen and I am constantly choosing the wrong panel. Would be great if they could be renamed somehow? An old ActiveX control I used in VB6 allowed you to set the name and it was easy to find what you wanted to work on. Thanks for any help.

In code, you could use constants, of course. But the pages cannot be named in the IDE.

There is a Feedback case for this: <>

OK, thanks, Paul. Not a huge deal, just would be easier to navigate at times.

I know it’s a four year old thread but I was surprised to learn that this couldn’t be done today, would be a lot easier to read my code if the page panel names weren’t generic.

As a workaround you could have a method named “Show[PageName]”. Any time you want to show that page, use the method instead for readability. The method would be the only place you set the PagePanel.Value as well, making it more maintainable code!

Good idea Tim, I’m new to all this so learning every day.

this is exactly what I do for the same reasons.