Padding text in combobox

I have a combobox that I fill with two columns, I separate the fields with a hyphen (-). The fields are very different in length resulting in a ugly looking list.

me.AddRow(rs.Field("B_Code").StringValue + "-" + rs.Field("B_Umschreibung").Stringvalue)

How can I give the two columns equal space?

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If you set the font to a fixed pitch font like courier, you can easily pad the words before the hyphen by spaces, because each letter has the same width.

If you do want to use a variable pitch font, you could add spaces to the words on the left until the string width reaches a known size.
That will need a variable number of spaces on each row.

I believe in Windows there is an API call to SET TAB STOPS, but if you are running multi platform, I don’t think it would help.