Pack your jacket

The weather in Denver looks nice (to me!). The days are around around 70F/21C, but the nights are cooler. Tuesday, however, they are getting a bit of a cold front (48F/9C) - pack weather appropriate attire!

Compared to England that’s tropical :wink:

Looking out of the hotel, we have snow on the roofs.
But less snow than yesterday morning.

What do you plan on doing this weekend in Denver, Christian?

I plan to go to Golden City center with historic park, Buffalo Bill graveyard, Frisco History Park and checking if some of the pass streets are open, so I can drive really high and make nice pictures from the mountains.

Sounds fun! Share some pics if you get some good ones :slight_smile:

It’s 23C in Cambridge today :wink:

[quote=383948:@Steve Wilson]???
It’s 23C in Cambridge today ;)[/quote]
Not exactly the heatwave we were promised. LOL :slight_smile:

It was 29°C in London on Thursday!