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YEah my Easter Message to the stuff who try to fcking not help but fck my brain only and make me frustrated.
As i’m 1000£ sure they know what I asked but never answered direct only trying play some important mothFkers and let me feel that i had to much learn and they will not just put free codes for me!
Maybe their wifes at home they fck them and thats why they coem here to fck the beginers and other persone who dont fcking spending money and try to keep 1000euros for their fcking software, so this is how they are and you know what? I DONT GIVE A BIGGEST F*CK about it!

PS: I WILL OG NOW LOOKING FOR TORents and downlaod free and you can keep your “advices” and your help for you fcking ugly wifes you fags ass bastars !!!
IF I WILL MEET in your next meeting near Luxembourg or Germany some of you mothaf
ckers then you can show me how important you are and also you will have oppoturnity to laught face to face to exmilitary special forces Dusan Bardy (i was in Golans, Kosova & Irak) you f*cking loosers!!!

I saw some of your questions and you did get answers - you just didn’t understand them. So instead of lashing out maybe you should take a step back and consider the following:

Xojo is a programming LANGUAGE, and as with every language you need to learn it.

It is obvious that you have neither read the free books nor done the programming tutorials. How do you expect to do any meaningful programming? Programming is more than slotting code into place.

In one example you complained that the URL which was in a string wasn’t working, and were asked if you had tried that string in a browser. You didn’t understand even that which makes me wonder how much computer experience you have at all.

And the forum is a place to ask for help with your problems, not a place where people do your work for you.

As for “€1000”: for learning to program you don’t need to spend any money. You can just use the IDE for free. You are a looong way off from writing a commercial app, and the only way for you to get there is to sit down and put in the work. Xojo is probably the easiest way oof getting you there, but it is still you who needs to do the work. And what you learn can be used in other programming languages as well.

As for your rant: I don’t know where you think this is acceptable, but you just spit on and dishonoured Special Forces everywhere. I do not believe you are Special Forces - they have MUCH more self-control.

I am pretty certain that this is going to be a waste of time, but here goes anyway.

The Xojo documentation website - http://documentation.xojo.com
The opening page has 4 downloadable guides. You must download these and read them thoroughly. These guides are a great start to programming in Xojo and are a must.

You should spend dome time in attempting to learn the concept of object-oriented programming (OOP). OOP is a great concept that allows you to build discrete functions (classes) that are stand-alone. OOP is a philosophy that is difficult to understand at first but, with perseverance, you will get there and, once there, you will never look back. Prior to Xojo I was a Delphi programmer, having used Delphi since it started life and before (Borland Pascal with Objects). I moved to Xojo (actually RealBasic) when I started using a Mac and wanted a Mac development environment. Xojo is really the only choice for cross-platform development.

On the same web page is a link to the Language Reference (http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Category:Language_Reference). This will take you to the living on-line reference guide that is full of example uses and a description of functions, methods etc. that will help you in your development.

In the example project folder within the Xojo folder are 222 projects that cover the vast majority of application types. These are practical examples and are where I gained the majority of my Xojo knowledge.

Lastly, you must have a very clear understanding of what it is you want to achieve in your application. This ability extends to being able to describe what it is you need when asking for help in the forums. Look in the help, look in the examples and, if you are still unable to solve your problem use the forum. When using the forum, though, it is important to clearly define what you are attempting to do. My experience of the forum is significantly different from yours - everybody who answers me gives me their time and patience. I do not pay for this and it done solely out of the goodness of their hearts and I thank them for it.

A vitriolic attack on forum members or Xojo itself will get you precisely nowhere and, how does that help you solve your issue? Alienating people does not help. You have stated on a couple of occasions that you are ex-military and special forces. I don’t think so…

The major tenet of special forces is the “hearts and minds” principle and; look for a solution on your own.

Please consider these principles when asking for help.

Ex-Special Forces are proud of what they were and would never stoop so low as to throw a bad light on them. In both the military and society certain behaviour is unacceptable. The military is much more strict than society. So Mercenary? Possibly. Special Forces. No.

Semper fi.

Bye. We’ll miss your charming personality.

seem to be true - all those rumours about the experiments…

The people in the USA are asleep.
The reactions you are getting now are from Europeans.

I only can say that you are very rude to the people who we’re trying to help you.
Christian Jung has given various examples in trying to help you and this is what he gets from you?!

I hope Xojo will ban you forever, since you are a disgrace for the European Xojo programmers.

This sad guy is too far gone …

[quote=81173:@dusan bardy]and pls i wish to delete this account i made here so say your boss or whoever to delete it and i dont want any email notification, bye!
and about military it was not my fcking choice! they forced me as i was youg and if i was not accepting then they put you in slovakia 3to 7yr jail!! so i have been forced, and then it was few missions for cash coz that fcking country has since 25yr same salary, so dont f*cking tell me what military is about, we not like you in usa here ok? we not proud to kill and we not do the things like pigs liek your sergants and all…We all know and saw what you are doing in was a specially in irak.
now lmeave me alone and delete my account.[/quote]

Personally, I hope they do not delete your account, nor your comments, as your behavior should be an example of how not to ask for help. I truly believe that the phrase “we can explain it to you but can not understand it for you” applies here.

The Xojo forums consist as a means for members to exchange ideas, post problems, work through mental blocks, and share solutions for other members to learn from. All of the information being posted on these forums are being done so at at the expense of they want to, not they have to.

In my 7 to 8 years of being apart of this community, I have learned a lot and very grateful to the help I received (books, online documentations, project examples, the forums, emails to the company, etc…) along the way. If there is anything I have learned over these years is that programming, regardless of language, takes time to master as there is ALWAYS something new to learn.

As far as your comments to military is concern, I am not sure where I see the correlation to programming unless you are confusing Xojo with a martial arts dojo.

I wish you well on your future endeavors.

Except that he isn’t a programmer. He watched a few videos but is unwilling to learn, wants others to do his work, and is rude.

People here are very willing to help and have been incredibly patient with you, but you simply can’t help someone who is not open for advice.

And as far as I know Slovakia did not force people to join the army with one exception: in rare cases young people who broke the law might be given a choice between prison and military if it was thought that what they lacked was structure, and that military service could help them. Otherwise:

Article 25 of the 1992 Constitution states that “1. The defence of the Slovak Republic is the honourable privilege and duty of every citizen. 2. No person may be forced to perform military duties if it is contrary to his or her conscience or religious faith or conviction. Further details shall be specified by law.”

Slovakia had compulsory military service, just like Germany, Switzerland, etc. but you could refuse.

That you later worked as a mercenary clearly shows that you had no ethical, moral, or religious grounds for refusal. You just didn’t want to do the work that the community required you to do. Hmmm, seems familiar?

To summarize: unwilling to learn, work shy, rude, bad character. Why do you think people don’t like you? Why do you think it is ALWAYS the others fault? Have you ever even CONSIDERED that it is you who might need to change?

So loose the attitude, don’t expect everyone to serve you, and maybe you’ll get somewhere.

But I hold no great hopes …

:smiley: . Funny, but not friendly. On other side, he’s not friendly.

I sometimes read angry people on some forums, but never as you dusan.

For goodness, I never had to do the war. But I had some others small trouble. I program because I like it and it help me to concentrate on one thing, and forget other trouble. Because develop software ask concentration.
I don’t know how to help you dusan, but I hope you will reach to forget some part of your life while developing.
Best regards.

Aww, I was too late to see the original post. :frowning:

I was unable to read the original posts as dusan has deleted the posts before I got on.

I am sad that we have some one soo upset with Xojo that they had to rant like they did (based on the replies).

Good luck with your endeavors.

Text in the profile is not yet deleted.

It was in the same vein as his profile. This guy is beyond redemption.

Oh. Someone has anger issues.

someone is angry. His account is suspended and that is a good thing.

A waste of forum space for sure. Nothing more than a vulgar rant.